Hi All - thanks for the advice last week when I asked about using a DOI to retrieve the ISSN from Crossref. I decided to use the content negotiation method that Owen Stephens (thanks Owen!) suggested. I wanted to use Javascript to do this, and I've created two test forms - one that uses jquery and one that uses a XMLHttpRequest request. Both forms work fine in the latest Firefox and Internet Explorer browsers, however I just cannot seem to get it to work with Chrome. Looking at the error I'm getting in the Chrome Development Tool, I'm seeing a "406 Not Acceptable" error.

Jquery Test Form

XMLHttpRequest Test Form

It looks like the server is just refusing to send the data back. I'm not sure why it does this with Chrome and now the other tow browsers I have tried? As anybody else had experience with this and know of a solution? Is it a bug, or I am just doing it wrong? I can fall back to using a wrapper script on our server which calls curl to get the data, and use this with the javascript. But just interested in why this is not working.

Thanks, Stephen

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