I can surely say that the interest on the topic is very high, and there is a community (maybe not so big as in U.S.) that would definitively participate. 
I would definitively going on with this idea, also as a starting point to create a group of librarian/developer in Italy
I will try to forward this to some people that are interested on the topic.



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> I happen to be in Italy at the moment, having just attended a conference on digital libraries here. [1] My general impression is that actual coding in libraries is rare, but I could ask around among librarians I know here and see what they say. There are some libraries that have had to create their own systems, and this might be a good outlet for those folks. It could also bring out projects that aren't well known.
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> On 3/10/14, 7:54 PM, Eric Lease Morgan wrote:
>> I wonder whether there are enough people and enough interest to organize a Code4Lib Italy event. Hmmm... —Eric Lease Morgan
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