There are still places available at the forthcoming Hydra Europe Symposium and HydraCamp Europe event, taking place in April at Trinity College, Dublin.  Details and booking information can be found at the links below.

In brief, the events will address the following:

Hydra Europe Symposium -
- What Hydra is and how it sits in relation to other digital repository solutions
- Why use Hydra
- How Hydra is being used to address a wide variety of digital content management needs (see http://projecthydra for an overview), including institutional repository, multimedia and digital preservation use cases, plus looking at research data management options
- How to get going with Hydra
- What the Hydra community is, how it works, and how it can support local implementations
- Where Hydra is going in the future and how it will develop

HydraCamp Europe -
- Get up and running with Hydra technically
- Hear about the components of the software and how they can be used - putting it into practice under the guidance of expert trainers
- Learn about the Hydra development community and the software development processes this uses to ensure quality across institutional contributions
- Explore options and address your needs
- Leave with confidence to be able to take forward your own Hydra implementation


The Hydra Project is pleased to announce the first Hydra Europe events, taking place this coming April, at Trinity College, Dublin.

Hydra Symposium
A non-technical lunchtime to lunchtime event for collection managers and owners to learn about Hydra and how it can support a wide range of digital content management needs.

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Further details -

Hydra Camp
A technical training event that enables developers to learn about Hydra and how to get up and running with a local solution.

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Hydra offers a core repository solution which can be adapted to meet different needs.  It is open source software released under the Apache 2.0 licence, originally developed by the Hydra Project.  The Project now has 21 Partners and a wide range of users internationally working together as a community to add to Hydra's capability.  The events will showcase European work with Hydra and how the community can support local implementation.  For more information on Hydra, please visit<>

Chris Awre (University of Hull
Dermot Frost (Trinity College Dublin)
Anders Sparre Conrad (Royal Library of Denmark)
Mark Bussey (Data Curation Experts)