PBCore is back in active development. We're looking for community
engagement, so I'm happy to field any questions (or point you to the
correct person to field questions). You can also contact the project at
[log in to unmask] In the meantime, learn more in the brief and
informative blog post below!

Pop Up Archive <>

PBCore is Back in Action!<>
PBCore is back in action! As part of the American Archive
 WGBH in collaboration with the Library of Congress has been charged with
further developing PBCore (Public Broadcasting Metadata Dictionary). The
goals of the project are to:

   - Strategize direction for the PBCore schema
   - Improve the PBCore website
   - Solicit submissions from the public
   - Vote on submissions to improve PBCore
   - Develop resources and provide learning opportunities for organizations
   interested in using PBCore
   - Encourage and support the use of the standard

As the work progresses in the next several months, you'll be seeing a lot
of changes to the PBCore website <> and a lot of activity
on the PBCore blog <>. So stay tuned for a
new and improved website, schema, and a variety of new resources that will
help your organization adopt and use PBCore!

The project is being coordinated the American Archive of Public
Broadcasting project team. To form the PBCore Advisory Subcommittee, WGBH's
Project Manager Casey Davis reached out to public media stakeholders from
universities, archives, and industry to assemble a group of 41 people, who
will work in four groups (See the PBCore is Back in
Action<> blog
post to see a complete list of team members.):

*Website  ( <>)*

   - Review the PBCore website and other standards websites
   - Identify ways in which the website can be improved and become more
   - Review existing record examples and create new examples for the website

*Schema Development*

   - Gather input from the PBCore Advisory Subcommittee for ideas on schema
   - Consider suggestions provided by the community
   - Develop and implement revisions to the schema
   - Explore opportunities for EBUCore harmonization and RDF implementation


   - Create the PBCore newsletter
   - Provide updates to organizations and listservs
   - Gather schema development submissions from the public
   - Implement a strategy for communication and outreach to adopters and
   potential adopters
   - Manage the PBCore blog (


   - Create, communicate, and disseminate effective learning opportunities
   for PBCore adopters and potential adopters
   - Develop resources that will be shared on the blog and website, ie FAQs
   - Create instructional videos and conduct webinars
   - Strategize other opportunities for teaching the standard

There's a lot of work to do, and we need your help to make this happen. We
want to see PBCore in the wild. How do you use PBCore? What challenges do
you have? Let us know in the comment section below or by
email<[log in to unmask]>,
and let's make PBCore better together.