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Registration for edUi 2014 is open! Hope you can join us.


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*Registration is Open*

The call for proposals closed last week and registration is now open!

Register Now >> <>

Why register for edUi?

   - Get to know your web brethren from higher-ed, libraries, and museums.
   - Intimately sized conference (approx. 250 people).
   - Practical sessions focused on skill building.
   - World-class presenters.
   - Learn tips and tricks for crafting great user interfaces and user
   - It's affordable! Early bird registration is just $500.
   - One workshop <>is
   included with your registration.

September 29 - October 1, 2014 | Richmond, VA

*There Is No Early Bird Deadline*

Yep, that's right. No deadline. But we're only offering 125 early bird
tickets. So, on your mark... get set... Register Now

*Featured Speakers*

We've got seven featured speakers <> for you this year.
Plus you know you can count on a plethora of presentations by leading peers
from higher-ed, libraries, and museums.

   - Colleen Jones
   - Boon Sheridan
   - Greg Rewis
   - Stephen P. Anderson
   - Curtiss Grymala
   - Adam Conno
   - Matt Novak

*Where's Your Program?*

Well.... it's not really done yet. See, the call for proposals just closed,
and we still have a few things left to do (like review the proposals,
contact all the applicants, edit the session descriptions... you get the

If you've been to edUi before, you know we're going to put together
something really awesome for you. If you haven't, then take a look back at
the program from edUi 2013 <> to get
an idea of what to expect.

*What If I Submitted a Proposal?*

Fantastic, thanks for doing that! You should probably wait to register. If
your proposal is accepted you'll get a complimentary registration and if
not, you'll get 10% off your registration. So wait and see. It's unlikely
that we'll run out of those 125 early bird tickets before the proposals are
evaluated, but if we do, we'll honor the price for you.

*Get Connected*

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*edUi is a Program of*

Virginia Foundation for the Humanities
145 Ednam Drive
Charlottesville, VA 22903