Good for you! I would find this more useful than about 99.2% of the 
offerings at ALA. If I were to attend the conference, I would definitely 
be there. In fact, Las Vegas is close enough that I will think about 
coming just for this.


On 4/11/14, 5:00 PM, Tim Spalding wrote:
> For fun I'm throwing a day-long, almost-free introduction to PHP session
> alongside the pre-conference day at ALA Annual.
> It's called "Enough PHP To Be Dangerous," and will be held Friday, June 27,
> 2014 a few blocks from the Convention Center.
> Blog post is here:
> It's for people who don't know much about programming. So, it's NOT FOR
> YOU. You'd be bored! But you might want to tell a colleague. And if you're
> interested in helping out, it would be great having another person or two
> helping attendees figure out why their script won't run.
> I'm doing it for fun and because I can. Conferences are ridiculously
> expensive to exhibit at, so why not do a little more with it? For
> simplicity's sake, I didn't hook up with LITA or anyone else; I just rented
> a room and contracted for coffee and sandwiches.
> If you're interested in going, or helping out, read the blog post and email
> me.
> Best,
> Tim

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