On Apr 30, 2014, at 11:31 AM, Derek Merleaux wrote:

> I have few thousand CD's and DVD's of images scanned back in the days of
> more expensive server storage. I want the files on these transferred to a
> hard-drive or cloud storage where I can get at the them and sort out the
> keepers etc.
> I have seen a lot of great home-built auto-loader machines, but sadly do
> not have time/energy right now to build my own. Looking for recommendations
> for machines and/or for a reliable service who will take my discs and put
> them a server.

Summer interns.

Well, I guess it depends on just how many thousands it is.

I'm actually surprised that there aren't any groups renting these
sorts of things out -- most efforts like this (or film scanning,
book scanning, etc), are generally an effort that might run for
a year or two, and the gear isn't needed anymore.*

You'd think there'd be a market for folks to share the costs...
find three groups looking to do the scanning, share the up-front
costs and then pass it from place to place.

I think that IMLS has given grants for these sorts of efforts...
but if they could help match up equipment to groups that needed
it, they might be able to get better results for each dollar


* Unless some item isn't discovered 'til later.