Really, Jay, you've got the t-shirt and the logo - what else could be 
needed? :-)

My take: reach out to a small but vibrant group; make sure it is diverse 
(type of library, type of person), and have a first meeting about how to 
have a second meeting. The first meeting may need to be folks in a 
nearby locale; the second would reach out to institutions that can add 
some support (space, time, motion).


On 4/9/14, 9:17 PM, Jay Gattuso wrote:
> Hi all,
> Long time listener, first time caller.
> We don't have a C4L chapter over here in New Zealand, and I wondered what we would need to do to align the small group of Lib  / GLAM coders with the broader C4L group.
> One of my colleagues did make this:
> We are  also setting up a two day code/hack fest, focusing on our Digital Preservation concerns, in June.
> I'd also really like to "run" the hackfest under a C4L banner.
> Any thoughts?
> J
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