Yes, and seriously: if anyone has any old designs in a vector format, please.... Can I have it?

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Hi Friends,

Just some food for thought.  We might want to throw this idea out to the
list in a thread NOT about old t-shirt designs; maybe with a more relevant
subject line.  If I hadn't been procrastinating making a video for
Andromeda's LIS class, I might not have read this thread and I would never
have known that such a discussion was happening.


P.S. Andromeda if you read this I swear I'm getting back to work now....

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> Here is a good place to start:
> I
> don't think a Friends of Code4Lib would qualify as a 501(C)(4) or the other
> types of exempt organization, but possibly.
> That said, we will run into all the problems that have stymied these types
> of discussions in the past that are not legal problems but philosophical
> problems. It's not hard to fill out the 501(C)(3) application, but figuring
> out what to put in the boxes when you don't have a legal entity is
> difficult. So someone would have to incorporate the Friends organization. I
> am sure most of us work at places with Friends of the library and could see
> their bylaws to get some ideas.
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> >
> > +1
> >
> > Go for it Lisa!
> >
> > ./fxk
> I can start digging into the hows/whys sometime in early May and report
> back. If anyone has anything of interest (past C4L list convos,
> recommendations, etc), pass them along!
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