Just over a year and a half ago I posted about some work I was doing on behalf of Research Libraries UK (RLUK) who were looking at the potential of publishing several million of their bibliographic records (drawn from the major research libraries in the UK) as linked open data.In August last year RLUK announced it would join The European Library (TEL)[1], and would work with the team at TEL to publish RLUK data, along with other data held by The European Library, as linked open data. I'm happy to say that they are now very close to making the (approximately) 17 million RLUK records available. 

To start the process of working with the wider community of librarians, developers, and anyone interested in exploiting this data, RLUK is holding a hack day in London on 14th May. Here the RLUK Linked Open Data will be introduced, along with the TEL API (OpenSearch based). There will be prizes (to be announced) for hacks in the following areas which represent areas of interest to RLUK and TEL:

	 Linking Up datasets - a prize for work that combines data from multiple data sets
	 Eastern Europe
	 Delivering a valuable hack for RLUK members

The event is free and you can sign up now at - I hope to see some of you there

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