designate someone to be the "copy editor", I know in WordPress we can setup publishers (people who publish content, obviously) and authors (those who write it, but can't publish it). Then just give anything someone writes a once over! I don't know how this will scale....but it works for us.

Just my 5 (they ran out of 2 pieces) ;P

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It sounds like what you need to do is a bit of guerrilla education for people on good methods of writing for the web versus things that are not appropriate for a professional setting. I have dealt with (and still am) a similar situation. The best approach I find is often to do a better version without stomping on their changes, talk to them, and explain why it is a better approach. Eventually if you are lucky they will have that Aha moment.

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> Simon LeFranc wrote:
>> There is no one person in the organization with the time or authority to act as editorial overseer. What are some techniques for ensuring that the site maintains a clean, professional appearance?
> Give up and let chaos reign supreme?
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