The ontology document shouldn't 404s, but either way I'm pretty sure that all the vocabulary terms defined there are obsolete (e.g. viaf:NameAuthorityCluster). The diagram referenced in the 2011-04 Outgoing blog post is still current:

This document from the W3C LLD XG use case gathering phase may also provide some extra historical context from around that time:

The SKOS-XL vocabulary was used early on, but was eventually factored out in favor of straight SKOS. The reference to xmlns:skos-xl is vestigial.


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You are correct that in the xmlns namespace definitions in the xml <> references a namespace that is no longer used in the output.  There is a single commented out reference to 'viaf:NameAuthorityCluster' in the output.

This post covers the change that deprecated the use of this:

From the other xmlns definitions it can be seen that use is made of void, owl, foaf, skis-xl, skis, RDA ElementsGR2, FRBRentitiesRDA to describe VIAF resources.

I'll pass this on to some of the team behind VIAF to see if they have further comment


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> Is this what you are looking for:
Alas, no, not really. I'm looking for an RDF file listing the classes and properties used by VIAF. VIAF can return RDF for specific entities, as in curl:

  curl -L -H "accept: application/rdf+xml"

Upon what RDF schema is this output based? The "header" of the output alludes to the following URI, but it returns an error:<>

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