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Perhaps a less obvious venue to look at, for experience archiving digital art, would be the Electronic Literature Organization? http://www.eliterature.org/ In 2004, two of their folks published Acid-Free Bits: http://eliterature.org/pad/afb.html -- might be interesting to hear what's changed in their eyes. One of the two AFB authors, Nick Montfort, is still on the ELO Board of Directors.


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Goethals, Andrea
April 9, 2014 at 10:21 AM

Dear Group,


For several reasons we decided it would be best to cancel the April call for the Standards & Practices Working Group. We’re using this time to plan what should be a very interesting call May 19 (1-2 ET) on preserving digital art – thanks Winston for the suggestion! We’re inviting some people working in that space to share with us some of their challenges working with this material. If you have suggestions for someone we should invite to talk about this, please send them to either Kate Murray or me.






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