The Chronicles in Preservation project, a collaborative effort led by the
Educopia Institute, the MetaArchive Cooperative, the Chronopolis program,
the University of North Texas, and Virginia Tech, is pleased to announce
its completion. The NEH-funded project has produced a number of tools and
documents to assist with preservation. While the focus of the project was
the preservation of digitized and born-digital newspapers, the resulting
tools and documents are useful for a wide range of content. If you have any
questions about Chronicles in Preservation, please contact [log in to unmask]

*Tools Available for Download*

   - Bag Split/Unsplit Utility <>-
   a python script to split one bag into smaller bags for transport or storage
   and then to reassemble the original bag for dissemination.
   - LOCKSSsumValidator<> -
   a python-based web service to compare a bag manifest with the checksums
   produced by a LOCKSS box.
   - Bad Filename Detection
Tool<> -
   a python script to detect problematic system files and bad file names that
   may interfere with transfer.
   - Bag Description Service <> -
   a python script to create technical metadata for a bag's contents using the
   FCLA Description Service.

*Documentation Available for Download*

   - BagIt Usage
   a manual to use the BagIt tools Bagger and bagit-python to package
   collections into bags.
   - *Guidelines for Digital Newspaper Preservation Readiness* - a guide to
   enhancing the preservation of digital newspapers through 6 actions
   (inventories, file organization, format management, metadata creation,
   checksum validation, and packaging), available as:
   - a PDF report <> with links to
      relevant tools.
      - a wiki<>
      for community editing.
   - *Comparative Analysis of Distributed Digital Preservation Frameworks* -
   a set of metrics for analyzing distributed digital preservation (DDP)
   systems, available as:
   - a PDF report<>
      on a series of content exchanges between three DDP systems (Chronopolis,
      MetaArchive, and UNT Coda), sponsored by the project.
      - a Google
open for
      community contribution.

*Chronicles in Preservation Partners*
Funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH),
the Chronicles in Preservation project was led by the Educopia Institute
(host for the MetaArchive Cooperative), along with Chronopolis and the
libraries of University of North Texas, Virginia Tech, Penn State,
University of Utah, Georgia Tech, University of Kentucky, and Boston

Project Manager
Educopia Institute
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