> I have filters set up, and find they just don't work reliably. OK, they
> work 9 times out of 10, but things always slip through.
> Imho, there are more people inconvenienced by having jobs on the list
> (setting up filters, filters not working, unable to filter digests, etc.)
> than there are people inconvenienced by having a separate list for jobs (is
> there really anyone that can't sign up for a separate list?

The same could be said for virtually everything here.

Many of the discussions (such as this one) aren't technical at all. Those
that are tend to be dominated by a narrow range of objectives, methods, and
tools representing only a small part of library operations and
technologies. This means every topic most likely appeals only to a minority
of subscribers.

I believe there is real value to a common experience as well as not
contributing to expanding fragmentation of the library community into
needlessly specialized microcosms.

There are multiple approaches that can work for people who are overwhelmed.
The easiest is simply to set to nomail and read from the web when there is
time/inclination. I do this for several lists myself, and c4l may soon be
joining that group. The filter option is there. You can simply not read
things that don't interest you -- I probably only read about 5% of what I
receive and the job postings are not among the emails I read.

I'm trying to figure out why I'm even reading this thread let alone
participating, but that it exists at all intrigues me. Code4lib doesn't
exist as an organization and has no ability approve or disapprove anything.
This means that anyone who thinks a new list should exist can set it up.