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> Asking questions is an essential part of the interview. You are
> interviewing them as well as them you. But, never ask questions that can be
> easily answered by browsing their website or common reference works.

It blows my mind how many people don't do their homework. You need to give
your potential employer real thought. Don't just spend 45 minutes browsing
the website. Think about what they've done and are hoping to do -- same
goes for people you'd be working with.

Hiring someone is the most important/expensive thing that organizations do.
It's very possible that the place that hires you will invest more than $1
million in you. You have a lot of skin in the game too -- your choice of
job determines where you are and what you do most of your waking hours for
a long time. You owe them and yourself much more than a few stock questions
that anyone could come up with.

Good questions show what about them interests you and they help everyone
understand each other better. An interview is a conversation where both
sides need to engage. Questions asked either by the interviewer or the
interviewee just for the sake of asking something are boring and won't help
you or your potential employer.