The fact that the only person who has given any acknowledgement of 
understanding my message was someone else in suggests that 
despite my best efforts my message content was effectively shredded by 
the implicit conversion from New Zealand English to International English.

My apologies; I withdraw my original email.

To translate explicitly into International English, my point was:

"I have observed that an individuals position on mail filtering vs 
separate mailing lists appears to be an implicit marker of group 
membership in this group (i.e. a shibboleth)."

Note that I do not endorse this or any other marker of group membership, 
but my understanding of psychology of groups suggest that all functional 
groups have markers of group membership and that attempting to eliminate 
markers of group membership in an attempt at inclusiveness (a) can in 
itself be a marker of group membership and (b) is only likely to drive a 
shift from relative explicit markers to relatively implicit markers.


On 05/08/2014 10:17 AM, David Friggens wrote:
>> This is a pretty terrible reply.
> I thought it was a great reply.
>> obscure words (seriously, shibboleth?)
> Somewhat obscure, but not so much in Code4Lib.
>> Unless you're trying to be which case ignore this.
> He most definitely was.
> I believe Stuart's point was to suggest that when the multiple
> requests for a separate list for job notices get immediately shot down
> with "no - use an email filter, or are you stupid?" [1] it doesn't
> help to create an "inclusive" and "good learning environment".
> [1] NB the respondents aren't explicitly "are you stupid" but that's
> how it may be taken by some people.
>> And to answer the original question - job listings help more people than they annoy so they should be kept as-is.
> My view is that it would make more sense to have separate discussion
> and job notice lists, as I see in other places. But I'm not that
> bothered personally, as I would subscribe to both and filter them into
> the same folder in my mail client. :-)
> Cheers
> David