On Thu, May 8, 2014 at 12:07 PM, Joe Hourcle
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> On May 8, 2014, at 11:35 AM, Ben Brumfield wrote:As this is an an actual
> LISTSERV(tm) mailing list, it's possible for the list owner to define
> 'topics', and then for people to set up their subscription to exclude those
> they wish to ignore:
> I would suspect it would be honored even in digest mode, but I've never
> tried it.

It is important to note that topics are active only when the subscriber's
> subscription is set to MAIL. All messages posted to the list, regardless
> of topic, are included in the digest and/or index for the list (if
> available) because the same digest/index is prepared and sent to all the
> digest/index subscribers. Similarly, all messages posted to the list are
> archived in the list's notebook logs (if available), making it possible for
> subscribers to retrieve postings in topics they are not set to receive
> normally.

Here's an RSS feed, filtered by Yahoo Pipes, which apparently still exists.

[Back in the days before LISTSERV became  LISTSERV® closed source, I had
the misfortune to have to go in to the code base to figure out why it was
eating up about half the cpu time  on the Convex mini-supercomputer UNC was
running on.
Using my secret super powers of knowing-the-first-thing-about-unix and
being-able-to-read, I managed to solve the problem in about 5 lines of
code, by not spinning doing non-blocking reads in order to do a read with a
timeout.  Inflation adjusted, I think that was my highest value return per
line of code (since there was no need to buy a second C2 just to run the

Expect LISTSERV® to do the wrong thing if the option is available]