On 8 May 2014 18:08, Scott Fisher <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> 4.  I find arguments to the effect of "I love looking at jobs² orthoginal
> to the discussion since weıre not talking about disallowing job postings,
> but just moving them to a separate list.  Anyone who is interested enough
> in jobs could also add a separate jobs list to go to their daily email
> inbox, so Iım not sure how it would be a loss of all jobs emails they
> like.  I suppose this argument essentially comes down to the same kind of
> argument as the pro-email-filter one.  Basically that argument is, ³just
> do something different to receive the emails you want the way you want
> them.²  But in this case the argument is coming right back at you from the
> other direction of suggting a separate email list.

I have filters set up, and find they just don't work reliably. OK, they
work 9 times out of 10, but things always slip through.

Imho, there are more people inconvenienced by having jobs on the list
(setting up filters, filters not working, unable to filter digests, etc.)
than there are people inconvenienced by having a separate list for jobs (is
there really anyone that can't sign up for a separate list? is it
impossible to add a subscribe link to the jobs list in a footer?)

(actually, I note there isn't a footer on this mailing list at all - must
be one of the only mailing lists that doesn't include a footer with
unsubscribe and general information. Technically, doesn't this mean it
falls foul of anti-spam legislation in some territories?)