This spring, a new DLF interest group has been formed on Assessment:

The group is open to anyone interested in topics related to digital library assessment. We will meet during the DLF Forum to share problems, ideas, and solutions. We have also formed a dedicated Google Group, where discussions will be continued year round:!forum/digital-library-assessment. The Google Group is open to anyone interested in learning about or collaborating on the improvement of digital library assessment.

The idea for the Assessment interest group arose out of two working sessions that took place at the 2013 DLF Forum in Austin, Texas. The two working sessions were well attended and collected over 50 email addresses of those who expressed interest in continuing the conversation. The group leaders decided to work together and form a DLF interest group as part of an ongoing conversation. Now, our vision is to build a DLF community around assessment to act as a knowledge base for sharing resources and developing best practices. Come join us!

DLF Assessment Group Co-Founders:
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