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> I had a quick question about HA Setups. I plan to host a WordPress site and wanted to hear what yall were using. I plan to have one HAProxy Server (maybe grow to 2 and implement round robin and heartbeat sync down the road), two Web Servers, two NFS Servers, and two MySQL Servers. My plan is to setup a redundant NFS and mount the share as the web root on each of the Apache servers. MySQL will run master slave and then use HyperDB on the WordPress side to handle multiple MySQL servers. I don't think there will be any issues but wanted to get some second opinions! This is for kicks and giggles, but am planing to use this for a project I am working on!

Your mileage will vary. I've been using OpenBSD since... well ever. I
only recently set this up for a friend and I used tools that come stock
on OpenBSD. I used CARP and pfsync to get them to use DB servers that
needed to have the high availability. 

The PF has a pretty good write that you can generalize for Linux.

If you elect to go the OpenBSD route I'm happy to tell you what we did
since I had to document it for them so I didn't have to be "on call" for


> Thanks!
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