Hello -

I have an Excel spreadsheet that, for the purposes of an easy import 
into a Drupal site, I'd like to convert to XML.  I know people more 
knowledgeable than I could code up something in Python or Perl to 
convert a CSV version of the data to XML (and I have a colleague who 
offered to do just that for me), but I am looking for recommendations 
for something more immediately accessible.

Here's an idea of how the spreadsheet is structured:

Row1    Question1    Q1Answer1
Row2                        Q1Answer2
Row3                        Q1Answer3
Row4    Question2    Q2Answer1
Row5                        Q2Answer2
Row6    Question3    Q3Answer1

How do other people approach this?  Import the data to an SQL database, 
write some clever queries, and then export that to XML?  Work some 
wizardry in GoogleRefine/OpenRefine?  Are scripting languages really the 
best all around solution?  Excel's built in XML mapping function wasn't 
able to process the one-to-many relationship of questions to answers, 
though maybe I just don't know how to build the mapping structure correctly.

In the interest immanent deadlines, I have handed the spreadsheet off to 
my Perl-writing colleague.  But as a professional growth opportunity, 
I'm interested in suggestions from Libraryland about ways others have 
approached this successfully.


Ryan Engel
Web Stuff