Hi code4libbers,

I don't have much experience with MarcEdit, I'm hoping someone else 
does, especially with creating automated MarcEdit "tasks", and can advise:

Would it be possible to create a MarcEdit task that:

=> IF there is 338 field with subfield $a "online resource", THEN erase 
all existing subfield $b's in that field, and add a single subfield $b 

We have records loaded from certain sources that have inconsistent 338$a 
and $b, where the $a is the reliable one. I'm curious if I can send 
records from these sources through a MarcEdit Task to correct this known 
pattern of error.

Anyone know if this is possible in a MarcEdit task? And if you could 
supply some hints to a complete newbie to MarcEdit on how to do it, that 
would be quite kind of you!