ORDID and ResearcherID and Scopus, oh my!

It is just me, or are there an increasing number of unique identifiers popping up in Library Land? A person can now be identified with any one of a number of URIs such as:

  * ORCID -
  * ResearcherID -
  * Scopus -
  * VIAF -
  * LC -
  * ISNI -

At least these identifiers are (for the most part) “cool”. 

I have a new-to-me hammer, and these identifiers can play a nice role in linked data. For example:

  @prefix dc: <> .
  <> dc:creator
    "" ,
    "" ,
    "" ,
    "" .

How have any of y’all used theses sorts of identifiers, and what problems do you think you will be able to solve by doing so? For example, I know of a couple of instances where these sort of identifiers are being put into MARC records. 

Eric Morgan