We are including these identifiers in the authority records we create for our system. 

Here is an example record in the UNT Name App for me with some of these links.

Here is a record with VIAF and LC identifiers integrated.

Right now we are just storing these links and how they relate to our local identifiers for a person, organization, event, or building in our name app.  

Don't know if that is helpful or not. 

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Subject: [CODE4LIB] orcid and researcherid and scopus, oh my

ORDID and ResearcherID and Scopus, oh my!

It is just me, or are there an increasing number of unique identifiers popping up in Library Land? A person can now be identified with any one of a number of URIs such as:

  * ORCID -
  * ResearcherID -
  * Scopus -
  * VIAF -
  * LC -
  * ISNI -

At least these identifiers are (for the most part) “cool”.

I have a new-to-me hammer, and these identifiers can play a nice role in linked data. For example:

  @prefix dc: <> .
  <> dc:creator
    "" ,
    "" ,
    "" ,
    "" .

How have any of y’all used theses sorts of identifiers, and what problems do you think you will be able to solve by doing so? For example, I know of a couple of instances where these sort of identifiers are being put into MARC records.

Eric Morgan