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> However, I believe that ISNI is bridging between these various sources --
> certainly including LC and VIAF [1], and also ORCID [2].
> [1]
> [2] From
> "ORCID identifiers utilize a format compliant with the ISNI ISO standard.
> ISNI has reserved a block of identifiers for use by ORCID, so there will be
> no overlaps in assignments."

Iím glad ISNIís have been mentioned. Thank you.

I had not heard about ISNIs until very recently, and I was both embarrassed as well as surprised. Sure, Iíve read the Web pages, [1] but what are ISNIs? How are they different from other identifiers, and is it just my imagination or have they simply not become as popular here in the ĎStates as they are in Europe, and why?

[1] ISNI -

Eric M.