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Subject: [CODE4LIB] Job: Processing Archivist at Tufts University

Processing Archivist
Tufts University

Digital collections and archives (DCA) is the steward of the university's
permanently valuable records and collections created in any format, ensuring
their permanent preservation and accessibility. The DCA supports the tufts
digital repository and tufts digital library, the university-wide records
management program, and the university archives and manuscript collections. As
a central library, the DCA serves all schools and divisions of the university.
Working with the school libraries and other stakeholders, the office sets the
standards and creates the procedures necessary to acquire, manage, and provide
access to digital material it collects.

The Processing Archivist performs arrangement, description, and basic
preservation activities on unprocessed physical and digital collections with a
focus on maximizing productivity and minimizing the collections backlog. The
PA supervises student workers on cataloging, data entry, and stabilization
activities, including training, QA, and providing feedback on work. Provides
support for other collections management activities as needed. Emphasis is on
efficient and effective processing work with a commitment to developing new
solutions and workflows based on evolving best practices. The successful
candidates must model effective team interactions; articulate appropriate
information management techniques to colleagues and staff.

Basic Requirements:

  * ALA- accredited MLS with concentration in archives management, or equivalent combination of advanced degree and related experience
  * 1+ Years of related experience
  * Familiarity with archival management systems, databases, and office productivity software
  * Strong knowledge and experience in arrangement and description of archival collections in a variety of formats. Excellent oral and written communication skills. Proven ability to work as part of a highly-integrated team environment Ability to efficiently and effectively communicate with offices and provide accurate information about DCA holdings and policies. Ability to balance multiple concurrent tasks and deadlines; ability to follow through on multiple concurrent tasks and balance multiple competing deadlines.
Preferred Qualifications:

  * Experience with archives management databases preferred ; knowledge of EAD and EAC data standards preferred.

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