LITA/ALCTS Linked Library Data Interest Group at the ALA Annual meeting, 
Las Vegas. Sunday, June 29, 2014 - 8:30am to 10:00am. LVCC Room N237.

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Jon Phipps, of Metadata Management, will present a talk on:

RDA and LOD -- FTW or WTF? : A Fair and Balanced Point of View.

Is RDA just .the rules. or is it a robust bibliographic metadata model 
designed specifically to support rich, FRBRized, distributed LOD that just 
happens to come with several thousand .pages. of rules? What.s this 
.unconstrained. stuff? Why does RDA RDF have URIs I can.t .read. and will 
never remember (and what are lexical aliases)? Why are there so many 
definitions for .Work. anyway? How is RDA handling versioning and 
releases? How is RDA using Git and GitHub? Why does any of this matter to 
my data and, more importantly, me? got questions? Maybe Jon Phipps has some answers (except for that 
last one). Jon is a partner in Metadata Management Associates, a 
consultancy specializing in, wait for it ... metadata management, and has 
been collaborating with various groups of well-intentioned folks trying to 
define RDA as a data model for what seems like centuries, and thinks that 
quite recently the JSC has pretty much nailed it.

A question and answer period and a lively managed discussion will follow 
the presentation.

Speaker biography: From an early start in the typesetting business writing 
software to support data conversion and publishing, Jon wandered into the 
Cornell portion of the National Science Digital Library (NSDL) in late 
2001 where they made the mistake of feeding him. Jon served as technical 
lead for the NSDL Core Integration Group at Cornell and Co-PI of the 
NSF-funded NSDL Registry (now the Open Metadata Registry (OMR)) and helped 
build the ground-breaking metadata based infrastructure for the NSDL. He 
has been involved in standards development, both within the Dublin Core 
Metadata Initiative and as a member of the Semantic Web Deployment Working 
Group. While working with the latter group, Jon was co-editor of the W3C 
"SKOS Use Cases and Requirements" note, and co-editor of the update to the 
W3C "Best Practice Recipes for Publishing RDF Vocabularies" technical 
report. More recently, Jon has been contributing to the technical 
infrastructure behind the new version of the Resource Description and 
Access (RDA) standard.


   --Theodore Gerontakos
      Metadata/Cataloging Librarian
      University of Washington Libraries
      (206) 276-6209


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