Hi all! Many of you know me and my work in multimedia archives. I have been writing a lengthy article involving seven years of research into obsolescent formats in both digital and video. 

There is one missing fact that I need so that I can tie statistics together. Since the historic value of content on obsolescent formats has not been published, I created a survey. In order for this research to be valid, I need a lot of my colleagues to fill out this short survey about the obsolescent formats that they house in their institutions. Warning, it involves math! That said, it is critical that we do this kind of bench-marking beyond case studies institution by institution. A big weakness in our literature is a lack of larger data sets looking at trends in our field. If you could PLEASE, pretty please fill this out in the next few weeks ( by June 20, 2014 ), I will release the data in full to the list. I want to share this not hoard it. Thank you all for your time! Please share widely with colleagues! 

Here it is! I thank you for your support! 


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