The NDSA Standards and Practices Working Group will continue the discussion on preserving digital and software-based artworks on Monday June 16, 1-2pm ET. Login details for the online meeting through Adobe Connect are listed below. All NDSA members are welcome to participate.


Please submit questions for our returning speakers in advance:


Meeting agenda:

·        Note taker

·        New member introduction

·        Announcements & Project Updates

o   Digital Preservation 2014 including Standards and Practices WG Happy Hour meet up

o   Upcoming survey: Ranking Stumbling Blocks for Video Preservation

o   Update: Checking Your Digital Content: What is Fixity and When Should I Be Checking It?

·        Today’s discussion topic: Digital Art

·        Wrap-up

o   July: no call - in person meet up at DP2014

o   Next call: August 18 1:00 EST. Possible topic:  Optical discs deep dive (?)


We look forward to talking with you on June 16!


Best wishes – Kate



Kate Murray

Office of Strategic Initiatives

Library of Congress


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Adobe Connect online meeting information:

1.      Go to

2.      Enter your full name and institution in the text box, for example Barrie Howard (Library of Congress)

3.      Click the “Enter” Room button

4.      Dial 877-299-5123 for audio