Kara - great writeups - thanks. I am happy to report that the EVault
LTS2 service's 2nd data center on the east coast is underway and planned
for summer. As you point out there is redundancy (3 copies) of data in
the single data available today.

Anyone wanting additional info can come to me - I've been working with
this EVault cloud offering since its inception.


Gail Truman
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Subject: [NDSA-INFRASTRUCTURE] Cloud Storage Profiles and NDSA Levels
From: Kara Van Malssen <[log in to unmask]>
Date: Wed, April 02, 2014 7:12 am
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Hello Everyone,

Following up on our recent white paper, Nine Things To Consider When
Assessing Cloud Storage, AVPreserve has released our first three Cloud
Storage Vendor Profiles researched and complied by Seth Anderson.
Notably, these profiles leverage the great work of the NDSA
Infrastructure Working Group, using the NDSA Levels of Digital
Preservation in order to provide a common reference point and visual
guide to compare offerings.

Our announcement and further information can be found here -

All feedback and thoughts are welcome and appreciated.

Thank you,

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