Thanks everyone for more online payment system/service options!

Mark, thanks for mentioning about the PCI/DSS compliance in relation to
this. This is really good to know. Stripe looks promising to me. Our
library is looking into removing the cash register at the circ desk and
collect all library fines in addition to services charges (such as ILL
fees for corporate members or Conference room charges for non-campus
users). So we need a solution that will let us customize the fee
categories, amounts, etc. with the least effort on us to set it up.

What did you mean by a pre-packaged solution??


On 7/10/14, 11:20 AM, "Mark Pernotto" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

>From a development standpoint, I have really enjoyed using Stripe (
>  They offer some great hooks to get done anything
>I've ever wanted to do, and the payment processing is all done on Stripe's
>servers - no PCI/DSS compliance issues to worry about!  I've implemented
>instances in PHP, C# and Python, and a very basic implementation in
>-  I know they have examples in lots of other languages as well.
>I couldn't tell from your question if you were looking for a pre-packaged
>solution, or something you could develop/work with in-house.

On 7/10/14, 12:53 PM, "Elizabeth Leonard" <[log in to unmask]>

>Our campus is looking at Touchnet for all online payments (Bursar,
>library, etc.)
>I haven't fully implemented yet, but it looks like it will be adequate.
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>Does your campus have a recommended/approved payment processing vendor?
>I have a campus site that uses CASHNet and Drupal; Drupal because that's
>what we do, and CASHNet because that's the preferred vendor on my
>campus.  We also are not allowed to use more well-known processors like
>PayPal or Square.
>> Erik Sandall <mailto:[log in to unmask]>
>> July 10, 2014 at 11:13 AM
>> We're in the process of implementing membership renewals (we're a
>> membership library) using Drupal Commerce and First Data Global
>> Gateway. The plan is to eventually expand this to handle new
>> memberships, donations, and some retail sales.
>> Donations and fines payments currently go through Innovative
>> Interfaces's Ecommerce product paired with PayPal (I think it works
>> with other payment vendors, too).
>> Regards,
>> Erik.
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>> Cary Gordon <mailto:[log in to unmask]>
>> July 10, 2014 at 10:52 AM
>> We tend to use (and PayPal) for solutions we build with
>> Drupal Commerce.
>> Cary
>> Kim, Bohyun <mailto:[log in to unmask]>
>> July 10, 2014 at 9:59 AM
>> Anyone implemented online payment system for libraries? If so, could
>> you share the system you ended up selecting and experience of
>> implementing it? I am currently looking at Cybersource and
>> but it would be nice to have some others to consider as
>> well.
>> (FYI, our library fines are processed by the library staff, not by the
>> university bursar. And the university does not allow the use of PayPal.)
>> Thanks,
>> Bohyun
>Ryan Engel
>University of Wisconsin - Madison