What I am really looking for:

Example: proquest updates links to its resources. I need to tell my people to make that change and I want to be able to see that it was done- all in one place. I want to put changes on a schedule: when our Gallery's exhibit is over, I want to make sure that the proper person is notified to change the image on the site that advertises the show. 

I really hate hunting through all my emails for this stuff, having to run around to find people and ask them.

We use LibGuides as our website, which has an integrated link checkers, so I am not worried as much about that.

Does this make sense?


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HI Elizabeth,
We've had great success (some might say too much!) with Redmine, installed locally (we migrated from Trac). We're able to easily involve our colleagues in issue discussions (collaboration is very important to us). It can integrate with email (but maybe you don't want that?), and we've integrated it with our campus single sign-on. It can be used for light project management issue tracking, or for support requests (which sounds more like what you're wanting). We have non-developers who have requested Redmine projects to track their projects, so it's useful beyond just tracking website changes.

We also use the GitHub issue tracker for our one major open-source project, and it's great except when it's not flexible enough for what we want to do.

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Subject: [CODE4LIB] Software to track website changes?

Does anyone have a good way to track requests to make changes to your website(s)? I would like to be able to put in requests and be able to track if they are done and when, so there's fewer emails flying about.


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