Digital video, whether it was created as a digital iteration of analog-sourced video or is born-digital, presents us with large and complex preservation issues. The Standards and Practices Working Group of the National Digital Stewardship Alliance (NDSA) has created a short survey to help us identify and rank some of the issues that may hinder digital video preservation. The results of this survey will help the Standards and Practices Working Group to explore more effectively these issues, better inform the creation and stewardship of digital video, and help us establish best practices for the long-term sustainability and accessibility of video assets.
We made our survey brief, knowing that it could only touch upon the high-level issues that video production, digitization and preservation professionals currently face. We hope we will receive responses from a wide range of participants.
You can find the survey at Responses will be collected through August 2, 2014. We appreciate your time in filling this out and look forward to sharing the results with you soon.
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