The worksheets I circulated earlier in the week include examples of how to take a list of ISBNs from a spreadsheet/csv file and search on Worldcat (see the 'Automated Love Examples' docs in
What these examples don't do is include how to check the outcome of the search automatically are record that.

I think it would be relatively easy to add to the iMacros example to extract a hit count / no hits message and write this to a file using the iMacros SAVEAS command but I haven't tried this. For a 'no results' option you'd want to look for the presence/extract the contents of a div with id=div-results-none
For a results count you'd want to to look for the contents of a table within the div with class=resultsinfo

Alternatively you could look at the Selenium IDE extension for Firefox which is more complex but allows more sophisticated approach to checking and writing out information about text present/absent in web pages retrieved.

Hope that is of some help


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> Apologies for cross posting
> Dear collective wisdom,
> I'm interested in using automation software such as Macro Express or iMacros to feed a list of ISBNs from a spreadsheet into Copac or Worldcat and output a list of those that return no matches in the results screen. The idea would be to create a tool that can quickly, although rather roughly, identify rare items in a collection (though obviously this would be limited to items with ISBNs or other unique identifiers). I can write a macro which will sequentially search either catalogue for a list of ISBNs but am struggling with how to have the macro identify items with no matches (I have a vague idea about searching the results screen for the text "Sorry, there are no search results") and to compile them back into a spreadsheet.
> I'd be keen to hear if anyone has attempted something similar, general advice, any potential pitfalls in the method outlined above or suggestions for a better way to achieve the same results. If something useful comes of it I'd be happy to share the results. 
> Many thanks for your help,
> Nick 
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