BTW, EBSCOhost (used in a few libraries, I think) has AddThis widgets. I suppose if you use their API you could avoid that.

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I agree. What was prompted as a discussion of protecting one's patrons has turned into a discussion of protecting oneself.

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I must say I'm surprised that most of the response to "libraries are letting advertisers track patrons as they browse their catalogs" is discussion of privacy condomware. Perhaps I've missed something?

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> Bill (&others), are you running PrivacyBadger alongside AdBlock? I'm concerned about the confluence of decisions there, although tempted to try anyway.
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> kc
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>>> On 13 August 2014, Karen Coyle wrote:
>>> *ps - I had a great cookie manager for a while, but it's no longer around. Cookie control in browsers actually was easier a decade ago - they've obviously been discouraged from including that software. If anyone knows of a good cookie program or plugin, I'd like to hear about it.
>> I use Cookie Monster [0] and like it.
>> Related:  on my work box I'm trying out the EFF's Privacy Badger [1], which I hope will be a success.  At home I use Disconnect [2], which blocks entire domains.  It's great for cutting out cookies and junk like AddThis, but cripes, I hadn't realized how many people pull in Javascript libraries from Google or Yahoo. That's a harder way of tracking to avoid.
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