Senior Python Web Developer, CKAN
Open Knowledge

Working in the fast-growing area of open data, we build open source tools to
drive transparency, accountability and re-use. Our flagship product CKAN runs
the official national data portals from the UK to Brazil, US to Australia and
many others. We also build data tools and OpenSpending browsers.

We're looking for someone passionate about the technical challenges of
building software that is used as the infrastructure for open data around the
world, so come join our growing team to shape the future of the open data

Key Skills:

  * Python, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  * Python web frameworks (we use Pylons and Flask)
  * PostgreSQL and SQLAlchemy
  * Self motivated, self-starter, able to manage your own time
Extra bonus points for :

  * Open source projects/contributions
  * Front end skills, particularly in data-vis
  * You've written an app using open data before
  * Experience working in a distributed team
  * Being UK based
More about the Job

You will be working as part of a small, dynamic team in a modern, open-source
development environment. This role is full-time and we are very happy with

We generally work remotely (with strong contingents in London and Berlin),
using asynchronous communication (email, IRC, GitHub) but with standups,
developer meetings and demos most days (Skype, Google Hangout) and real-world
gatherings more than twice a year including at the Open Knowledge Festival. We
also try and ensure our developers can attend at least one open source
conference a year.

At each level of our software stack we use best-in-class open source software,
including Python, Nose, Travis CI and Coveralls, Sphinx and Read the Docs,
Flask, Jinja2, Solr, PostgreSQL and SQLAlchemy, JavaScript and jQuery,
Bootstrap, Git and Github, and Transifex.

We iterate quickly, and publish working, open-source code early and often.

All of our code is on github - it is open to public scrutiny, and we encourage
contributions from third-party developers. This means that we have to write
exceptionally clear, readable, well-tested code with excellent documentation.

All code contributions, whether from internal or external developers, are made
with GitHub pull requests and we do code reviews in the open on GitHub.

We are engaged with a large and active community of users, developers and
translators of our open source software, via our mailing lists, GitHub issues
and pull requests,

public developer meetings, Stack Overflow and Transifex. We support users in
getting started with our software, encourage and mentor new developers, and
take on feedback and suggestions for the next releases.

About Open Knowledge

Open Knowledge is an internationally recognized non-profit working to open
knowledge and see it used to empower and improve the lives of citizens around
the world. We build tools, provide advice and develop
communities in the area of open knowledge: data, content and information which
can be freely shared and used. We believe that by creating an open knowledge
commons we can make a significant contribution to improving governance,
research and the economy.

The last two years have seen rapid growth in our activities, increasing our
annual revenue to £2m and our team to over 35 across four continents. We are a
virtual organisation with the whole team working remotely, although we have
informal clusters in London, Cambridge and Berlin.

Open Knowledge is an international leader in its field and has extensive
experience in building open source tools and communities around open material.
Our software development work includes some of the most innovative and widely
acclaimed projects in the area. For example, our CKAN project is the world's
leading open source data portal platform - used by,, the
European Commission's open data portal, and numerous national, regional and
local portals from Austria to Brazil. The award winning
OpenSpending project enables users to explore over 13 million government
spending transactions from around the world. It has an active global network
which includes Working Groups and Local Groups in dozens of countries -
including groups, ambassadors and partners in 21 of Europe's 27 Member States.

We're changing the world by promoting a global shift towards more open ways of
working in government, arts, sciences and much more.

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