20 users streaming HD YouTube is a big strain on the network itself, regardless of the pipe size.

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With a gigabit pipe, I don't think that Youtube would be an issue :)

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> We had complaints from students about other students using the limited resource (in this case student computers) to do facebook / youtube.
> We negotiated with the students union that certain sites would be blocked from those machines for a certain busy period during the day. Negotiation with the students union appeared to be hugely important in deflating any protests.
> cheers
> stuart
> On 05/08/14 02:20, Carol Bean wrote:
>> A quick and dirty search of the list archives turned up this topic from 5
>> years ago.  I am wondering what libraries (especially those with limited
>> resources) are doing today to control or moderate bandwidth, e.g., where
>> viewing video sites uses up excessive amounts of bandwidth?
>> Thanks for any help,
>> Carol
>> Carol Bean
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