Electronic Resources and Libraries (ER&L) and DLF are pleased to support two travel grants for the DLF Forum in Atlanta, October 27–29.

The purpose of these grants is to extend the opportunity to attend the DLF Forum to two library professionals who would not typically go, but who can envision and articulate a connection with their work and who see great value in building a dynamic and diverse peer network. The goal of the ER&L + DLF Travel Awards is to bring cross-pollinators—library professionals who can provide unique perspectives to our work and share a vision of the library world from their perspective—to the conference. We are pleased to announce the 2014 ER&L + DLF Forum Cross-Pollinators.

2014 ER&L + DLF Forum Cross-Pollinators

Congratulations to the Cross-Pollinators! Look for their Forum reflection blog posts in November.

The Cross-Pollinator Travel Award is a reciprocal program with ER&L, Electronic Resources and Libraries. Find information on the next award in the cycle here.

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