This looks wonderful! Thank you so much for getting this out there.

I had a great trip to SAA, and while I ended up not having a chance to 
speak with Brad Westbrook (I will send him an email), I did connect with 
Mark Matienzo, Director of Technology for the Digital Public Library of 
America. He had some really interesting things to say at a meeting I 
attended on the issues around proprietary metadata (how can there even 
be such a thing?!) I asked him if he would be interested in talking to 
the Five Colleges, via the NDSA New England meeting. He is, but he has a 
busy October, and may or may not be able to do the 30th, but I will see. 
When I asked him, I just assumed he is in Boston given that DPLA is 
headquartered there, but he is actually living in NY, which could also 
mean some travel expenses. Not sure about that part.

I'll let you know more about both ArchivesSpace and DPLA soon. In the 
meantime, just wanted to thank you for getting the "Save the Date" out. 
It was fun seeing you across the way at Big Y. We got back from Maine 
late on Sunday, and Monday was a catch up day. I had my daughters with 
me - we had just spent a very exhausting, though successful, 2 hours 
shopping for shoes/cleats.


On 8/18/14 12:27 PM, Meghan Banach Bergin wrote:
> Hello fellow NDSA members!
> The Five College Digital Preservation Task Force is hosting a regional 
> NDSA meeting on October 30th.  It will most likely be held at the 
> University of Massachusetts Amherst.  We are still working out the 
> details, but we envision a day-long event with presentations in the 
> morning and CAMP-like discussions in the afternoon - discussion themes 
> generated by participants.  The presentations will include an opening 
> from a representative about the NDSA and its activities and then 
> presentations from regional NDSA members on their NDSA work and 
> relevant institutional work.  It will be a chance to share what we are 
> all working on.
> Presentations from NDSA regional members could either be 15-20 minute 
> presentations, a 5 minute lightening talk, or a poster presentation 
> that might generate further discussion for the afternoon.
> If you are interested in attending, whether or not you'd like to 
> present, please let us know at this site: RSVP 
> <>
> Jennifer Gunter King and I are coordinating the event so if you have 
> any questions you can email one of us.
> - Meghan and Jennifer
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