More great work out of AVPreserve - thanks Chris for sharing.

You may be interested to know that EVault/Seagate LTS2 cloud storage has
now enabled its SHA256 features - doing the SHA256 down inside the
storage tier on-demand (first release is for every 6 months at a
container level, the subsequent releases planned will allow for customer
to set the date for the fixity check). This is as well as MD5 that was
supported all along. The feature is turned on now and being exposed
through the UI within 30 days.

Gail (full disclosure. this is a client but I thought it a useful thing
to share)

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Subject: [NDSA-ALL] What’s the Real Impact of SHA-256?
From: Chris Lacinak <[log in to unmask]>
Date: Tue, August 05, 2014 7:08 am
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Hello Everyone,

I wanted to point you to a paper we just published today exploring the
difference in resource utilization (ie. time, processing cycles) between
SHA256 and MD5. The paper, titled "What’s the Real Impact of
SHA-256?", can be found at the following link along with the scripts
used for testing and the raw data from the test results. All
feedback and thoughts are welcome.


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