Reminder of today's call. 2:00 PM Eastern.

We will be workshoping a draft document that is intended to serve as a sort of packing list for migrations (See below for the links and additional details)

Note: For next month's call (September, 30th 2:00 PM EST) we will have staff from IMLS on to present and host a discussion of their focus on national digital platform in their current call for National Leadership Grants ( )

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From: Owens, Trevor
Sent: Monday, August 04, 2014 9:41 AM
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Subject: Good Migrations: Rough Draft for input and discussion

In advance of next Infrastructure call, I am distributing this rough draft of a guidance document/check list for us to work over on the call. As background, a subgroup of infrastructure folks took up the action item to draft this with the intention of bringing it back to the full group to discuss 1) if this seems to be going in a useful direction 2) if so, to identify some things to improve and revise in it. So if you can make time to give this a quick read in advance of the call great, if not no worries. If you see little things to tweak or fix in the doc just go for it. If you want to raise comments feel free to post those too.

Draft Title: Good Migrations: A Checklist for Migration from One Digital Preservation Stack to Another

Link to draft document:

Objective of the Document: The goal of this document is to provide a checklist for things you will want to do or think through before and after migrating components in your digital preservation system. This could entail switching from one system to another system in your digital preservation and storage architecture (Various layers of hardware, software, databases, etc.). Issues around normalization of data are out of scope for this document. This document is strictly focused on checking through issues related to moving fixed digital materials and metadata forward to new systems/infrastructures.

*         Call Date/Time: Tuesday 8/26/14, 2:00 PM EST

*         Dial in number: 877-299-5123