Hi all,

I would love to hear from people about what sort of setup they have
regarding linkage/collaboration/constrictions/freedom regarding campus-wide
IT practices and CMS usage and the library website.

Some history: For a very long time our library ran its own server and its
own website, completely independent of campus-wide concerns (save for
occasional requests for help from IT with server issues). A few years ago
the server began to reach EOL and it was determined that we couldn't afford
to get another. Also around the same time it was deemed that the library
website needed a complete re-do. I was tapped to do that re-do. During that
process the Marketing dept got involved and it was agreed upon that the
library's general look should be aligned with the university's public site
(which I think was a good idea). Then it was determined that because of
that decision that the simplest way to achieve it was to put us inside
their existing CMS which was already setup etc etc.

Part of the problem is that the existing CMS is Ektron...

The revised library site went live in Ektron 2 years ago. My marketing
contact was a massive help in getting it live and training me in ektron
etc. He is now no longer with the university and we are in the middle of a
transition period.

My inclination and desire is to regain some level of independence wherein
we collaborate with IT in getting our own server space on their servers but
are not tied to their decisions regarding CMS, how and when to go
mobile-friendly, etc. Our site is still not fully, truly what it should be
because of limitations with Ektron and I would like to get out of it. I
would like to have the option to either run a CMS of my choice or go
CMS-less (since I'm the only editor). I fear that the site will be held
back from being able to do the things that it needs to do.

I'm hoping that I can get some responses from you all that way I can
informally say "of x libraries that responded y of them are not firmly tied
to IT." (or something to that effect) I'm also very curious to read
responses because I'm sure they will be educational and help me to make our
site better.


What kind of setup does your library have regarding servers, IT dept
collaboration, CMS restrictions, anything else? I imagine that there are
many unique situations. Any input you're willing to provide will be very
welcome and useful.

Thank you!

Warm regards,


Brad Coffield, MLIS
Assistant Information and Web Services Librarian
Saint Francis University
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