Good morning.

I have a few colleagues that give excellent feedback and suggestions about
web applications once they are installed and in use, and various others
that give feature suggestions and report problems.

I feel that it would be beneficial to start getting people involved earlier
in the software process. Acceptance testing for changes to established
applications seems like a good place to start. Users would benefit from
software with fewer problems. Several developers and admins here came from
places with traditional QA teams and/or business analysts and would be more
comfortable with this model.

There's a testing tradition in place here for catalog and discovery tools,
so I have a model to look at, but the apps I work on are much less critical
than the catalog.

I'm interested in hearing about how other libraries are handling
application testing, to what level non-IT people should be involved, and
how testing is structured and encouraged.

Software testing is often dull. How have you persuaded people to
participate, and has this been beneficial?