"useful for those of us who are no longer total beginners but are sort of
struggling to level up?" - Love that description. I think the kind of guide
everyone is brainstorming would be great for everyone in that boat. (at
least as I'm picturing it)

Hopefully, it would be excellent for non-tech people to go to for succinct,
authoritative information like, "White space good." For those looking to
level up to learn more from the guidelines and find places to learn more.
And for experts to brush up on current trends. That's what I'm thinking.


That would be awesome if libux went in that direction. I've always felt
that librarians have had a general ethos of "if it ain't broke..." and of
sharing materials and building off of each others work. But I don't know
that that really happens for library web stuff. This list, yes. But there's
no sort of structured pre-existing repository of awesomeness.