Right now we have our own server, although we plan to make some changes in
the future. I anticipate moving our client-side stuff into LibGuides CMS
and our apps and server-side stuff over to a non-campus hosted linux
environment. Part of the reason we have our own server is because of
reliability issues with the campus virtual hosting. We spoke to IT about
the on-campus CMS but I have no interest in using it. If we didn't have our
own instance we'd be completely locked down and locked in. If we paid to
license our own instance we'd be reliant on a Windows stack for that CMS
and it wouldn't be cheap. I really recommend that libraries resist any of
these attempts by campuses to turn their web efforts into a shake and bake
shop through the application of (often junky) locked-down campus CMS
solutions. I have yet to see that end well for the library.

Best regards,
*Jason Bengtson, MLIS, MA*

Head of Library Computing and Information Systems
Assistant Professor, Graduate College
Department of Health Sciences Library and Information Management
University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center
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On Tue, Sep 2, 2014 at 1:31 PM, Coral Sheldon-Hess <[log in to unmask]>

> I was lucky to work for an academic library that served two universities,
> so we ran our own servers and got to pick our own look.
> BUT, the municipal library down the street was stuck in a bad CMS, with
> municipal IT that didn't want to spend time helping them. (I'm
> over-simplifying, a little, to make a point.)
> So they bought LibGuides, and they're slowly moving their whole site into
> that. I think they're on 1.0, but LibGuides 2.0 is flexible enough to allow
> for a "real website" look. That was actually my backup plan, if the bigger
> of our two universities ever got unreasonable, or if our server broke (or
> our building burned down or or or).
> - Coral