Hello All,

I'm still relatively new to this list, however, based on discussion I've
already seen I thought I'd try this topic for this list.

So, we've recently switched to Active Directory on our public machines.
Although we're a relatively small library, it is still creating some
printing chaos.  We added the printers to the computers manually using an
admin account and the printers are mapped to the LPR port and
defaults/preferences are all set.  However, these preferences and settings
don't seem to hold when users login.  Is there a nice way to set the
default printer for users? And preferences like printing double sided? I
recognize some of this might be able to be done at a group policy level,
but, I wanted to see what other folks were doing.

*TL;DR:* *How do you manage local printing (printers are in our building)
when computers are on Active Directory (managed at a campus level)? *I'm
curious what works (or doesn't work) for other libraries.

Have a good afternoon!
Angela Stangl

Digital Services Coordinator
Rodney A. Briggs Library
University of Minnesota, Morris

p.s. I'd be willing to take responses off-list if that helpful.