Hi all,

I'm finally diving into our Libguides v2 migration and I'm wondering if
anyone would be willing to share their experience/choices regarding
templating. (Or even some code!)

I'm thinking left-nav is the way to go. Has anyone split the main content
column into two smaller columns? Done that with a column-width-spanning box
atop the main content area? Any other neato templates ideas?

We are in the process of building a "style guide" for all libguides authors
to use. And also some sort of peer-review process to help enforce the style
guide. I'm thinking we are going to want to restrict all authors to
left-nav templates but perhaps the ideal solution would be to require
left-nav of all but to have a variety of custom left-nav templates to
choose from.

Any thoughts are much appreciated!

Warm regards,


Brad Coffield, MLIS
Assistant Information and Web Services Librarian
Saint Francis University
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