On 09/12/2014 10:41 AM, Kim, Bohyun wrote:
> Hi all
> Does anyone have a suggestion for the free open-source Q/A board + easily searchable KB comparable to LibAnswers? We already have LibAnswers for patrons. This is more for the library staff who submits a lot of similar or same questions to the Library IT help desk.
> It is an option to use the SharePoint Discussion Board but I am looking for an alternative since SP tends to get lukewarm responses from users in my experience.
> Any suggestions or feedback would be appreciated.

Discourse [0] if you squint really hard sort of takes care of this sort 
of thing no?

Otherwise I would say give a 
looksie. Fits that niche nicely and you have one less server to worry 
about. ;-)


You single-handedly fought your way into this hopeless mess.