Laura Buchholz wrote:
> -Does anyone have a diy bookscanner that is for patron use? Do they do fine
> with it? I'm looking at the kits, and drooling a little over the new one
> <>, but it seems
> more appropriate for staff use than patron use.

undoubtedly the diybookscanner requires some hacks and a deeper
knowledge of its components (camera, software, etc.), it's not an unpack
and just play solution.

but the spreads[1] software is becoming more and more mature, and for me
is suitable for patron use too
(i think that the developer, @jbaiter, is subscribed here. kudos to him).

a brief overview of spreads:
- it runs on a raspberrypi, a custom image[2] is available. the patron
could connect to its web[3] interface from a browser (or from a mobile
device, it's responsive).
- an autosuggest menu[4] helps the creation of metadata for a new scan
(using python isbnlib).
- pages can be easily cropped[5]
- when finished the capture could be downloaded in a bagit container

this video[6] shows a common scan operation.
simply beautiful.


raffaele, @atomotic